Ultra Max, Manual Vacuum Therapy System for Prostate Rehab

Ultra Max, Manual Vacuum Therapy System for Prostate Rehab

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This version of The Pos-T-Vac Ultra Max manual vacuum therapy system has been designed as an effective Rehabilitation tool for men to use after prostate surgery. Rejoyn has simplified our best preforming manual system, The Ultra Max, and included only the components necessary for Post Surgical rehabilitation.

This system includes a powerful manually operated pump head that uses a push/pull handle to create the vacuum. The benefits of this manual pump head is that it allows the user to create the vacuum at a speed which is most comfortable for them because the vacuum is created relative to how quickly or slowly the handle is pumped.

The Ultra Max pump head is noiseless and is good choice for men who are looking for a discreet treatment option. This pump head features an internal and external safety release valve which helps control the amount of pressure that can be created by the vacuum.

The Ultra Max Prostate Rehab System comes with the following components:

  • Ultra Max, Manually Operated Pump Head
  • Regular Penile Tube
  • Water Soluble Lubricant
  • Adapter Bushing – one 'B' Bushing (Medium)
  • Instructional DVD
  • Carrying Case
This Ultra Max Manual Prostate Rehab System comes with a 1 Year Manufactures Warranty on all major components. Rejoyn also offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for this item.