The Ultra Max by Pos-T-Vac
The Ultra Max by Pos-T-Vac
The Ultra Max by Pos-T-Vac
The Ultra Max by Pos-T-Vac
The Ultra Max by Pos-T-Vac
The Ultra Max by Pos-T-Vac

The Ultra Max by Pos-T-Vac

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The Ultra Max is Pos-T-Vac’s top preforming manual vacuum therapy system. The Ultra Max creates a powerful vacuum with minimal effort but still offers the user control of the vacuum that only manual pump heads provide.

The streamlined design of the Ultra Max is less bulky than other manual systems but delivers more power with each stroke. An effective vacuum, 18 PSI can be created in less than 2 minutes, making this Pos-T-Vac most powerful vacuum system available for purchase.

The push/pull style handle allows the user control the rate at which suction is created, making comfort a key feature of the Ultra Max. The vacuum can be created at varying speeds, dependent upon how fast the handle is pumped.

The Ultra Max is a very discreet system to use since there is no noise being created by a motor. The Utra Max Pump Head has an internal and external safety release valve. The Internal Release Valve will automatically activate if too much pressure has been created by the vacuum. The external safety release can be activated by the user by pressing a red button on the pump head.

After passing rigorous safety tests, this Pos-T-Vac system is approved for marketing by the United States FDA. Rejoyn is delighted to offer our customers this premium manual system which is now available for purchase without a prescription.

The Ultra Max, manual system comes with the following components:
  • Ultra Max Manual Pump Head
  • Regular Penile Tube
  • Loading Cone
  • AquaGel, Personal Lubricant
  • Adapter Bushing – 'B' Bushing (Medium)
  • Ultimate Round Rings – 3 sizes (#1 Small, #2 Medium, #3 Large)
  • Instructional DVD
  • Carrying Case Product Specifics
  • Weight: 12oz
  • Max Pressure: 18 PSI
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Money Back GuaranteeMade in the USA!

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